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    Civilian Review Board

    Date: 12/12/2013
    Title: Hall of Records, 200 Orange Street, Ground Floor Hearing Room
    Description: Civilian Review Board Meeting Minutes

    Date: 12-12-13
    Title: Hall of Records, Meeting Room G-2, 200 Orange Street, New Haven, CT
    Status: Approved

    The meeting was called to Order by Barbara Carroll, Chair.

    Roll Call:
    • Board Members Present: Barbara Carroll, Frank Cochran, Leslie Radcliffe, George Carter, Catherine Gootkin, Lena Largie, Noemi Rivera, Evette Hamilton, Bianca Bowles, Wayne Hobbs, Robert Spirito
    • Board Members Absent: Evelise Ribeiro
    • Staff: Lt. Anthony Duff, Reginald Thomas, Roderick Williams, Lt. Anthony Campbell
    • Guest: Jack Gootkin, Anne Massaro, Aaron Goode, DWSCMT

    The minutes of the 11-14- 2013 Regular Meeting were read. A motion was made, seconded and passed with 8 ‘yeas’ and 2 abstentions to accept the minutes with the necessary correction. The minutes of the 11-20-13 Special Meeting were read. A question was raised on the accuracy of the minutes. A motion was made, seconded and passed that the minutes be tabled until a later date.

    Internal Affairs Report
    • Lt. Duff advised that the revised General Orders are available for our review at NHPD HQ but not to be removed from the office.
    • The following changes have been made with personnel at Internal Affairs (IA). Lt. Anthony Campbell has been appointed as the new OIC, Lt. Duff will be moving to Patrol Supervisor. Detective Barham has been promoted to Sargent and will be going to Patrol. Sgt. Taff will be working with the Background Research Team. Det. Cruz, Dixon and Minardi are still assigned to IA. And Sgt. Roy Davis is still rotating thru IA.
    • Closed case # 063-13-C has been sustained but is being sent to the Chief.
    • Closed Case 077-13-C has been sent back to the Task Force at the request of the CRB to have a memo added to the file that indicates what action the supervisor takes or counsel they provide to the office involved in the complaint..
    • Closed Cases were assigned:
    o Panel A: 005-13-C, 012,13-C, 057-13-C, 063-13-C, 069-C-13, 074-13-C, 077-13-C
    o Panel B: 082-13-C, 083-13-C, 104-13-C, 108-13-C, 111-13-C, 112-13-C, 113-13-C, 115-13-C, 121-13-C

    Discussion and Consideration of Complaints and Reports
    • Re: Case 054-13-C (which was sent to the Chief). What is the disposition of the ’training failure’ question? The review from the Chief was that ‘officers should discontinue using criminal law for housing code matters’. There was no discipline meted out.
    • The question was asked why it took 3-4 months for this case to be available to be read (the complaint was made in June). The Board was advised that the complainant first visited the IA office to verbalize the complaint but did not return with the completed complaint form until later. There were several people that the investigators needed to speak with. The case was closed in October. Rule 16 reads that a case must be closed in 90 days when possible. But this is not always possible as sometimes other cases may take more time and manpower, if directed by the chief or ‘public pressure’. This case was not assigned to an investigator for 60 days and the Board advised IA that the concern is that other cases that take this long often end up as ‘non-pursued’. CRB Coordinator R Thomas stated that there should be an established practice that cases are assigned, investigated and closed according to the General Orders. There also needs to be a standard of when a complaint# is assigned to a case.

    Public Comment
    • None

    General Policy Items
    • F Cochran made a motion that George Carter be sworn in immediately as a full member of the board without any requirement for attending additional meetings. It was seconded. Votes: ‘8’ yes, ‘1’ opposed. The motion passed. George Carter was sworn in by Corp. Counsel Roderick Williams.

    Subcommittee Reports
    • There was no report from the CRB Aldermanic Liaison Subcommittee

    Unfinished Business
    • The Election ballots were electronically sent to members in advance of the meeting. No completed ballots were returned to Corp. Counsel prior to this meeting. Papers ballots were distributed to those members present at this meeting. A question was raised as to why G Carter’s name was not on the ballot. At the time of printing the ballots, G. Carter was not eligible. However, his name could now be entered as a write-in.
    • Members completed their ballots and turned them over to Corp. Counsel R Williams to tally. Results:
    o Chair: Barbara Carroll – 8 votes George Carter – 2 votes
    o Vice Chair: Naomi Rivera – 9 votes Frank Cochran – 1 vote
    o Secretary: Leslie Radcliffe – 10 votes

    New Business
    • It was discussed that beginning with the January meeting, a roll of the cases assigned would be called and the readers would be verbally acknowledged. It was suggested that the cases be assigned to individuals instead of to the panels. These topics will be placed on next month’s agenda for further discussion.
    • It was clarified that according to the FOIA, minutes of regularly scheduled meetings must be posted within 7 days of the meeting (Sec. 1-225(a) GS).

    A motion to adjourn was made, seconded and approved unanimously.

    The next meeting of the Civilian Review Board is scheduled for 6:00pm Thursday January 9, 2014, City Hall, 2nd Floor Meeting Room #2, 165 Church Street, New Haven, CT.

    Submitted by: Leslie Radcliffe, Secretary

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