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    Civilian Review Board

    Date: 1/9/2014
    Title: City Hall, 165 Church Street, 2nd Floor Meeting Room #2
    Description: Civilian Review Board Meeting Minutes

    Date: 01-09-14
    Title: City Hall, 165 Church Street, Meeting Room #2, New Haven, CT
    Status: **** Pending Approval ****

    The meeting was called to Order by Barbara Carroll, Chair.

    Roll Call:
    • Board Members Present: Barbara Carroll, Leslie Radcliffe, George Carter, Catherine Gootkin, Wayne Hobbs, Robert Spirito Lena Largie, Frank Cochran, Noemi Rivera, Evelise Ribeiro,
    • Board Members Absent: Evette Hamilton, Bianca Bowles
    • Staff: Lt. Anthony Campbell (NHPD Internal Affairs), Reginald Thomas (City of New Haven CAO Office), Atty. Roderick Williams (City of New Haven Corp. Counsel), Debra Sullo)

    A motion was made by F. Cochran to approve the 12-12-13 minutes. It was seconded and voted unanimously to approved. A motion was made by R. Spirito to approve the 11-20-13 minutes. It was seconded and voted unanimously to approved.

    Internal Affairs Report
    • Lt. A. Campbell addressed that board, advising that he had spent several weeks rearranging the Internal Affairs office space in an effort for a more productive work flow. A detailed report was provided on the closed cases of 2013 which included case numbers, districts of occurrence (where available), a general description of the complaint and the investigation outcome. A total of 118 civilian complaints and 17 internal complaints were lodged in 2013 .
    • Lt Campbell advised that after a discussion with the CRB Chair, that wherever possible, all cases will be assigned, investigated and closed with 90 days. He will also take into consideration the suggestion of CRB that all officers who are the subject of complaints will be brought into the office and informed that a compliant has been filed and the nature of a complaint. All Case files will include the District number where the complaint took place.
    • Lt. Campbell also informed us that Chief Esserman said that eventually ALL Internal Affairs staff will be trained to use IAPro (IAPro is a Professional Standards software used by public safety agencies worldwide. It assists public safety agencies in identifying potential problems early on, so that proactive action can be taken. IAPro ensures the most efficient handling of citizen complaints, administrative investigations, use-of-force reporting, and other types of incidents, while providing the means to analyze and identify areas of concern).
    • Board members asked that the investigators put a notation in each investigated file which General Orders was used to rule on the status of the investigation, and wherever possible a copy of the GO also be put in the file.
    • Closed Cases for December 2013 were not available during this meeting but would be forwarded to the Chair for review assignments (see below the list of cases sent to Chair on Jan. 13, 2014):
    o Panel A: 050-13-C, 092-13-C, 109-13-C, 117- 13-C
    o Panel B: 081-13-C, 087-13-C, 107-13-C, 130-13-C, 132-13-C

    Discussion and Consideration of Complaints and Reports
    • The Panel Chairs reported on that all cases closed during the month of November had been read. Closed cases 012-13-C and 077-13-C were discussed. Two reviewers of these cases addressed their concerns to the board and Lt. Campbell, who will seek more info on both cases.

    Public Comment
    • None

    General Policy Items
    • A Board member has failed to read assigned cases for over two (2) consecutive months. As is the Boards policy, notification will be sent to the referring management team requesting a replacement.
    • One Board member advised that although they had reviewed several cases, they were not submitting written reviews of those cases. They member was reminded that upon completion of its review, it is the duty of a Board member to report its findings and recommendations by completing the Review Form that would accompany the complaint.
    • The Chair advised that she has spoken with the District Manager of Newhallville and the East Rock Management Team regarding the absence of representation from their districts on the CRB. Letters will be sent out requesting they appoint a representative.

    Subcommittee Reports
    • F. Cochran reported that the CRB Legislative Committee would schedule a date to begin to compile recommendations

    Unfinished Business
    • The matter of there being no representative from Newhallville/East Rock was discussed. Another letter will be sent requested that one be appointed.

    New Business
    • Board of Police Commissioners appointee Evelise Ribeiro advised the CRB that she had reached the end of her term with the BOPC. As such she would no longer serve on the CRB as the BOPC appointed representative. The Board members thanked her for her service to the CRB, the BOPC and the community.
    • A CRB Member information sheet was passed around so that members could verify their information as would be posted in the City of New Haven website.
    • Members shared information on community events commemorating Dr. Martin Luther King that would take place in the upcoming weeks
    • Chair B. Carroll shared a poster “What is the CRB” that was created to provide information to the public that could be borrowed for public display at neighborhood or community events.
    • The next meeting of the CRB will take place on February 13, 2014 at 6:00pm at the Police Academy, and will include a demonstration of handcuff use.
    • Two matters tabled from the 11-20-13 meeting were discussed. A suggestion was made that cases be assigned to individual reviewers instead of to the panels was discussed. A concern was raised that if cases are assigned to a single individual and that individual did not read, then the case would go unreviewed and have to be reassigned during the next meeting. The consensus was to continue to assign cases to panels to be read by at least two members which would give more assurance that all cases would be read with at least two opinions. Also tabled was the matter of cases being roll called and readers acknowledged during the meetings. The consensus was that this would be a good practice to confirm that all cases were being read and to openly acknowledge for the record who was reading.
    • A member expressed concern that cases were not being discussed during these meetings, advising the board that if cases were not going to be discussed during meetings that they would not be submitting any written reviews on cases they read. The member was reminded that the board did discuss 077-13-C and 012-13-C during this meeting. The member was also reminded that cases were discussed during the 12-12-13 and the 11-14-13 meetings. The consensus of the board was that it would not be productive to discuss every case unless there was a concern by a reviewer about the manner in which the case was investigated. The member was further reminded that every reviewer should write a report on cases reviewed and submit reports to their panel chair, thus verifying that they are fulfilling their commitment as a member of the board.
    • R. Thomas advised the Board that all reviews written and submitted to his office are electronically scanned, and then the paper report is shredded. And end of year summary of cases reviewed is prepared annually.

    A motion to adjourn was made, seconded and approved unanimously.

    The next meeting of the Civilian Review Board is scheduled for 6:00pm Thursday February 13, 2014, NHPD Training Academy, 710 Sherman Parkway, New Haven, CT.

    Submitted by: Leslie Radcliffe, Secretary

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