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    Civilian Review Board

    Date: 4/12/2012
    Title: New Haven Police Department, One Union Avenue, 3rd Floor Conference Room
    Description: Meeting called to order at 6:05pm by Chairman, Frank Cochran

    A. Roll Call:

    10 Present: Leslie Radcliffe, Moses Nelson, Wayne Hobbs, Frank Cochran, Barbara Carroll, Alyson Heimer, Robert Spirito, Catherin Gootkin, Evette Hamilton, Lena Largie

    5 Absent: Maureen O’Sullivan, George E. Carter, Shirley Wayne Washington, Evelise Ribeiro, Bianca Bowles

    Staff: Reginald Thomas, CRB Consultant

    Guest: Lieutenant Anthony Duff, OIC NHPD Internal Affairs, NHPD Assistant Chief Thad Reddish, Roderick Williams, Assistant Corporation Counsel

    B. Opening Remarks: Frank Cochran – Introduced and welcomed Assistant Chief Reddish. Internal Affairs is under the responsibility of Chief Reddish. Chief Reddish also has responsibility for the Training Academy. Recruitment is ongoing, and the department hopes to train and hire as many officers as possible.

    C. Approval of Minutes: No March minutes; tabled until May meeting

    D. Approval of Agenda: moved by majority

    E. Internal Affairs Report: presented by Lieutenant Duff
    • Due to several urgent issues and several complicated cases, two cases were closed this month and ready for review.
    • Several investigators may be assigned when complicated cases are worked.
    • Chair assigned the cases to be read and reviewed:
    Panel B: 020-12-C, 040-12-C
    • March case log was presented in detail and explained.
    • Discussion on regarding case review of “C” cases only. The CRB does not review I-cases, although much information surrounding “I” cases can be found on media Internet sites.
    • Lieutenant Duff presented CRB with a list of completed and signed off General Orders (GO). Chair requested that completed GO’s be maintained at the Internal Affairs office for reference as CRB members review files. If the GO’S are not all available, at least a copy of the GO pertinent to the complaint should be included in the case folder.

    Old Business: Bylaws committee presented changes/updates to the Bylaws. After a brief discussion, the changes/updates were voted on and accepted unanimously.

    New Business:
    • Tom Hennick will attend the May CRB meeting with a presentation on FOI rules and regulations. There was discussion on confidentiality and responding to media questions.
    • Alyson Heimer, having completed her orientation and attended three meetings, was sworn in as a voting member of the CRB.
    • The matter of keeping information contained on the case logs provided by Lt Huff confidential was discussed in great length. The IA Pro system was identified as a mechanism by which IA is able to track the number and type of complaints that are filed against an officer. It was also discussed that future case logs that Lt Duff provides the board have the names of officers omitted.
    • Members were advised that NO cases should be discussed with any individuals who are not members of the CRB. Members were further advised that under no circumstances are they to make any comment on any cases or individuals involved in any cases to the media. All questions can be referred to Frank Cochran, CRB Chair.
    • There was discussion on the need to review cases according to the guidelines given us, and to keep in mind that cases are to be reviewed to determine that IA performed an adequate and unbiased investigator, not on the merits of the case or guilt or innocence of officers involved.
    • There was discussion that Panel chairs periodically read written reviews of their panel members and provide critique when appropriate, and that future ‘in-service training’ take place from time to time.

    Reports from: Hill South, East Rock. Panel A and Panel B have completed reading assignments.


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