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    Civilian Review Board

    Date: 2/12/2009
    Title: City Hall, 165 Church Street, 2nd Floor Meeting Room #1

    The meeting was called to order by Barbara Carroll, Chair.

    Opening Remarks - Reginald Thomas, CRB Coordinator

    A continuation of the training session that began at 5:00 p.m. with new member Frank Cochran and 5:30 p.m. with the other CRB members as noted.

    Ann Tramontana initiated a discussion on the Case Review Process. All members present comments. Discussion continued regarding the CRB Forms RTF4-R and RTF5-R and review procedures.

    The Complaint Process Flowchart was discussed and is in need of a revision that most accurately reflects the manner complaint cases are handled. Internal Affairs (IA) has indicated that the process is essentially the same with the addition of another set of eyes (Assistant Chief Roy Brown of Professional Standards and Training Division).

    Subcommittee Chair Maureen O'Sullivan provided a report on the Policy and Procedure meeting held on February 5, 2009. The final draft was distributed to all persons present.

    Shirley Wayne-Washington made a motion to amend the meeting agenda to cover the previous discussions. Seconded by Sarah McIver. A vote was taken with Ann Tramontana opposed and Frank Cochran abstaining. All other members were in agreement, and the agenda was amended.

    A. Rollcall/Attendance

    Rollcall by Barbara Carroll.

    Present 11 Absent 4 1 Vacancy

    B. Agenda Review

    Motion to accept agenda as amended made by Shirley Wayne-Washington; seconded by Wayne Hobbs.

    C. Reading of Minutes

    Motion made to accept the minutes with the deletion of the name Rachel Ross of IA. Seconded by Catherine Gootkin; approved unanimously.

    D. Coordinator's Report Distribution

    Motion made to accept Coordinator's Report by Shirley Wayne-Washington; seconded by Sarah McIver; approved unanimously.

    E. Internal Affairs Remarks

    IA remarks were generic as to the availability of all "C" files for review. There were comments that since there are numerous cases that are classed as "Non-Pursued", the OIC of IA has directed investigators to inquire of the complainant the reason for not continuing to pursue the complaint.

    Captain Peterson reported that Sergeant Craig Guglielmo retires effective February 17, 2009. Captain Peterson has announced the pending vacancy and will be conducting interviews of those persons who express an interest in working in IA.

    F. Open Floor

    The open floor discussion was done by CRB members present. The topics of discussion varied as each member had comments and opinions on CRB activities/practices past, present and future.

    G. Subcommittee Reports

    Maureen O'Sullivan gave her committee report earlier as noted above.

    Barbara Carroll stated that she is on a newly-formed committee coordinated by Officer Joe Avery that involves the Executive Board members of all the city Management Teams.

    H. Unfinished Business

    The Board as a whole agreed to review case files from 2008 that have dispositions other than "Sent to Chief". The forms to be utilized are RTF4-R (CRB Review) and RTF5-R (Case File Checklist).

    Captain Peterson has requested feedback from the Board on cases being read to reflect comments both pro and con.

    I. New Business

    The checklist that the Policy and Procedures Committee used is being addressed by the Coordinator starting with the distribution of the New Haven Department of Police Service Mission Statement at this meeting

    Barbara Carroll
    Frank Cochran
    Catherine Gootkin
    Wayne Hobbs
    Sarah McIver
    Maureen O’Sullivan
    Evelise Ribeiro
    Kathleen Smith-Bogan
    Robert Spirito
    Ann Tramontana
    Shirley Wayne Washington

    William Bixby
    Mary Blair
    Reverend Walter Johnson, Jr.
    Juanita Wright

    Board of Aldermen

    Staff: Reginald Thomas, Civilian Review Board Coordinator Roderick Williams, Assistant Corporation Counsel

    Guests: Captain Joann Peterson, OIC, Internal Affairs

    Motion to adjourn made by Evelise Ribeiro; seconded by Catherine Gootkin; approved unanimously

    The next regular monthly meeting of the Civilian Review Board is scheduled for Thursday, March 12, 2009, at 6:00 p.m., New Haven Police Department, One Union Avenue, 3rd Floor Conference Room.

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