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    Civilian Review Board

    Date: 6/9/2011
    Title: New Haven Police Department, One Union Avenue, 3rd Floor Conf Rm
    Description: Meeting was called to order at 6:03 p.m. by Secretary Wayne Hobbs.

    A. Roll Call
    7 Present: Frank Cochran, Wayne Hobbs, George E. Carter, Robert Spirito, Maureen O’Sullivan, Moses Nelson and Evelise Riberio
    5 Absent: Barbara Carroll, Mary Blair, Deborah Davis, Catherine Gootkin, Shirley Wayne Washington
    Staff: Reginald Thomas Manager, CRB Services
    Guest: Capt. Denise Blanchard, NHPD OIC Internal Affairs, Chief Tobin Hengsen, Roderick Williams, Asst. Corporation Counsel

    B. Presentation on Cameras by Chief Hengsen:
    Chief began with the DVD showing how the Panasonic Terminals Tough Book 360 work. The arbitrator supports up to six cameras but the NHPD will have one in the front and one on each side. It is a mobile digital system that uploads to the server. A proponent for officer safety will be the ability to use both zoom and infrared at safe distances. It will be used for public safety, evidence, training and should help with litigation cost savings. The information will also be available to prosecutors.

    Questions from CRB members included how many cars have cameras from George Carter. Chief Hengsen explained 13 cars now have the cameras with plans to update another 10-15 of the cars in the patrol fleet. Frank Carter brought up use in chain of discipline. Wayne Hobbs asked about the sensitivity of the audio.

    C. Review of Minutes

    Motion to accept minutes by R. Spirito, seconded by G. Carter: passed unanimously.

    D. Review of Agenda

    Motion to accept minutes by G. Carter, seconded by R. Spirito: passed unanimously.

    E. Internal Affairs Update
    Capt. Blanchard reported that Detective Dixon will be at the next CRB meeting as scheduling preventing him from attending. In May, Detective Dixon and Detective C Barnham attended POST training. Sgt. John Wolcheski and Det. Barnham attended the IA Pro Seminar on June 6th and 7th. The Department is still learning IA Pro and once training is completed it will be possible to go almost paperless.

    Use of Force Update: It will be possible to use the new software to track this information in a very detailed manner. Staff has learned quite a bit about input and will be able to generate a thorough report. Use of Force Forms cover the spectrum (Tazers, Baton, Pepper Spray. et al.) There will be much data to review for 2011. Chief Limon has been strict about the completion of the form and some discipline has been merited for incomplete record keeping.

    Seven Cases were closed in May, all C Cases. During the period, IA received 15 new cases; note that the same complaint/issue at a particular Downtown Bar. There is also a disciplinary hearing scheduled later in June by the BOPC. The officer has a right to decided if this hearing is open or closed. The date is still to be determined/confirmed. Seven Cases are 063-10, 029-11, 032-11, 041-11 044-11, 045-11, and one number to be confirmed either 049-11 or 149-11. Also Capt. Blanchard will confirm the number of complaints year to date.

    NHPD is still looking into a second location, possibly at 200 Orange Street. An online complaint form is also being developed to go directly to IA. Translation needs to be completed in Spanish before being posted and put into effect. A second form is being developed to put compliments in a comment form. This involves tweeking the current system and is labor intensive at this point. There are also questions on how the receipt will be done to the filer on line or mailed or both.

    F. Unfinished Business

    G. New Business
    Frank Cochran announced the ReEntry Round Table Faith Based Breakfast on Thursday June 23rd at Science Park venue. George Carter asked about the get well card to Shirley Wayne Washington.

    H Reports from CRB Members
    Evelise Riberio announced that BPOC will meet next week to extend the offers to rehire three additional NHPD officers. The city must offer rehire from the order of the current list. The laid off officers have to be offered rehire and refuse twice before the city can go further down the list.

    Motion to adjourn by Evelise Riberio and seconded by F. Cochran.

    Next meeting of the Civilian Review Board: Thursday, July 14, 2011
    6: 00 P.M. at the City Hall, 165 Church Street, 2nd Floor Meeting Room 2

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