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    Civilian Review Board

    Date: 6/14/2012
    Title: New Haven Police Department, One Union Avenue, 3rd Floor Conference Room
    Description: From 5-6 p.m., there was open discussion between Chief Dean Esserman, Assistant Chief Thad Reddish, Frank Cochran, Barbara Carroll and Robert Spirito.

    The Regular Meeting was called to order at 6:00pm by Chairman, Frank Cochran.

    A. Roll Call:

    9 Present: Leslie Radcliffe, Moses Nelson, Wayne Hobbs, Frank Cochran, Barbara Carroll, Robert Spirito, Catherine Gootkin, Lena Largie, Evelise Ribeiro

    3 Absent: Maureen O’Sullivan, Shirley Wayne Washington, and Evette Hamilton.

    3 Excused Absences: Bianca Bowles, George E. Carter and Alyson Heimer

    Staff: Reginald Thomas, CRB Consultant; Roderick Williams, Corporation Counsel

    Guests: Police Chief Dean Esserman, Assistant Chief Thad Reddish, Jane Mills

    Per the CRB Chair, Maureen O'Sullivan has resigned as a CRB member.

    B. Opening Remarks: Frank Cochran welcomed Police Chief Dean Esserman.
    Chief Esserman:
    a. Internal Affairs has added staff and still intends to expand when the Credit Union space is available.
    b. Every District now has walking beats which with a goal to encourage more community involvement.
    c. Plan is to rotate new sergeants into Internal Affairs.
    d. There are 41 new recruits but New Haven recruitment of new officers is ongoing with the use of incentives; outreach to also use community coaches.
    e. Discussion regarding CRB proposals: Chief Esserman suggested special meeting with himself and four Assistant Chiefs after CRB has specifics.
    f. Three (3) Goals:
    1. Have the number of officers on the street will grow,
    2. Encourage interaction between officers and community,
    3. Reduce complaints.

    C. Approval of Minutes: The May minutes were approved.

    D. Approval of Agenda: Moved by majority

    E. Internal Affairs Report: Assistant Chief Reddish reporting for Lt. Duff
    Seven (7) closed cases; six (6) C cases for CRB reading; one (1) I case.
    Presented detailed Incoming Complaint Log with Districts identified.
    Panel A: 031-12-C, 033-12-C, 048-12-C
    Panel B: 050-12-C, 0258-12-C, 075-12-C

    Old Business: Discussion on changes to process and procedures to present at a special meeting with the Chiefs. Continuation of discussion at July meeting.

    New Business: None

    Reports from: Panel A and Panel B have completed reading assignments.

    The next meeting of the Civilian Review Board is scheduled for Thursday, July 12, 2012, at 6:15 p.m., City Hall, 165 Church Street, Second Floor, Meeting Room #2.

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