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    Construction Standard Details - Index Sheet

    NH-01  -   Typical Road Pavement Cross Section For Local Roads
    NH-01A - Typical Road Pavement Cross Section For Collector Streets
    NH-02  -   Granite Curb Details
    NH-02A - Bituminous Concrete Lip Curbing
    NH-02B - Typical Concrete Curbing Details
    NH-02C - Retaining Wall Detail, Typical For Slope Stabilization Using Recycled Bluestone Curb
    NH-03  -   Typical Concrete Driveway Details
    NH-03A - Typical Concrete Driveway Isometric
    NH-04  -   Typical Sidewalk Details
    NH-04A - Sidewalk at Expanded Tree Locations
    NH-04B – Steel Plates
    NH-04C - Pervious Concrete Sidewalk Detail
    NH-05  -   Ramp for Handicapped – Typical Details
    NH-05A - Ramp for Handicapped At Street Corner
    NH-05B - Typical Handicapped Ramp Isometric
    NH-05C - Detectable Warning Surface
    NH-05D - Detectable Warning Surface (Continued)
    NH-05E - Detectable Warning Surface (Continued)
    NH-06  -   Standard Catch Basin Frame And Grate
    NH-06A - Modified Catch Basin Frame And Grate
    NH-07  -   Standard Manhole Frame
    NH-07A - Standard Manhole Cover
    NH-07B - Manhole Cover Adjustment
    NH-7C : Standard Manhole Cover - East Jordan Iron Works or Equal
    NH-7D : Standard Manhole Frame - East Jordan Iron Works or Equal
    NH-08  -   Standard Catch Basin Type “C”
    NH-08A - Type “C” Catch Basin
    NH-08B - Type “C-L” Catch Basin
    NH-08C - Type “C-L” Drop Inlet
    NH-08D - Type “C-L” Catch Basin Double Grate – Type II
    NH-08E - Catch Basin On Curved Granite Curb
    NH-08F - Silt Sack At Catch Basin
    NH-08G - Type “C” Catch Basin Double Grate – Type II
    NH-09  -   Details Of Catch Basin Hood And Appurtenances
    NH-10  -   Standard Catch Basin Manhole
    NH-11  -   Shallow Catch Basin Manhole
    NH-12  -   Standard Storm Manhole
    NH-13  -   Standard Sanitary Drop Manhole
    NH-14  -   Standard Sanitary Manhole
    NH-14A - Replace Sanitary Manhole Castings
    NH-15  -   Copolymer Polypropylene Plastic Steel Reinforced Manhole Step
    NH-16  -   Precast Manhole Base
    NH-17  -   Typical Eccentric Manhole At Entrance Slab
    NH-18  -   Standard Chimney Details, Typical Hub Layout And Typical Chimney Plug Detail
    NH-19  -   Typical Pipe Bedding
    NH-20  -   Temporary And Permanent Pavement Replacement For Local Roads
    NH-20A - Temporary And Permanent Pavement Replacement For Collector Streets
    NH-20B - Typical Milling Details For Local Roads and Collector Streets
    NH-20C – Application Criteria Tables For Local Roads And Collector Streets
    NH-21  -   Standard Endwall Details
    NH-22  -   Typical Monument
    NH-23  -   Plastic Sleeve For U-Channel Post And U-Channel Base Post
    NH-24  -   U-Channel Post Detail
    NH-25  -   VLOC And Sign Post Detail And VLOC Socket System
    NH-25A - VLOC In Grass Strip
    NH-25B - Meter Post And VLOC In Grass Strip
    NH-26  -   Parking Meter & Installation In Grass-Tree Belt
    NH-27  -   Pavement Arrow Details
    NH-28  -   Pavement Legend Details
    NH-28A - Pavement Marking Detail
    NH-28B - Pavement Marking Detail
    NH-29  -   Pavement Marking Detail
    NH-29A - Typical Pavement Marking Detail
    NH-29B - Bike Lane Detail Plan
    NH-29C - Bike Lane Traffic Marking Details
    NH-30  -   Typical Detail Street And Pole Banner
    NH-31  -   Typical Chain Link Fence Details
    NH-31A - Typical Chain Link Fence Details (Continued)
    NH-31B - Chain Link Fence – 4’ Height
    NH-32  -   Tree Pit Paving Stone Dust Surface
    NH-32A - Tree Planting With Mulch Saucer
    NH-32B - Recommended Tree Types
    NH-32C - Tree Protection Notes
    NH-33  -   Sedimentation And Erosion Control Details
    NH-33A - Sedimentation And Erosion Control Details (Continued)
    NH-34  -   Plugging Sewer Laterals At Building Demolitions
    NH-34A - Gradient Comparison
    NH-34B - Fluid Collisions
    NH-35  -  Typical Retaining Wall Section
    NH-36 -   Anti-Tracking Pad
    NH-37  -  Typical Drywell Elevations (Circular And Rectangular)
    NH-37A - Corrugated Perforated Pipe Drywell
    NH-37B - Corrugated Perforated Pipe Drywell with Grate
    NH-38  -  Conduit Laying Procedures
    NH-38A - Conduit Laying Procedures (Continued)
    NH-39  -  Mechanical Equipment Pad Detail
    NH-40  -  Speed Hump Detail
    NH-41  -  Concrete Filled Steel Bollard With Chain Connection
    NH-42  -  Mass Electrical Apparatus Electrical Cabinet
    NH-43  -  Typical Round About Detail For Intersections
    NH-43A - Crossing Island/Center Median and Typical Bump Out Detail For Intersections
    NH-43B - Typical Cross Section At Center Round About
    NH-43C - Typical Cross Section At Mini Round About


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