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    Commission on Equal Opportunites

    Contract Compliance

    NOTE: the following is a summary to give the reader an idea of New Haven's contract compliance process.

    It does NOT include all of the information a contractor needs to comply. Contact CEO for more information.

    What is the Commission's role in City-related construction and development projects?

    CEO enforces the City's (and state and federal) policies for
    (1) Equal employment opportunity
    (2) Affirmative action
    (3) Prevailing wages

    Contractors and subcontractors are required to:
    1. "Exert maximum effort" to hire a minimum percentage of minorities and women:
    a. 25% Black or Latino
    b. 6.9% Women
    2. For projects over $500,000, provide apprenticeship training opportunities that encourage the advancement of minorities and women
    3. Pay prevailing wages
    a. The City's Living Wage for projects under $150,000 if paid solely by City funds
    b. State prevailing wages for projects over $150,000 if paid by City and/or state funds
    c. Federal prevailing wage (a.k.a. Davis-Bacon) for projects over $2,000 if paid with federal funds. There are exceptions for residential developments of 8 units or less.

    Before contractors start work, they must:
    1. Submit plans on
    a. hiring/recruiting minorities and women
    b. apprenticeship training (if required)

    During construction, contractors must
    1. Maintain records regarding hiring practices and hiring referrals
    2. Submit certified payroll reports on a weekly basis
    3. Open their books and records so CEO can confirm compliance

    During construction, CEO monitors the projects by
    1. Inspecting work sites unannounced to verify compliance
    2. Reviewing payroll reports

    If there are violations, penalties can include
    1. Fines
    2. Withholding payments
    3. Payment of back wages
    4. Cancellation of the contract
    5. Debarment from any future work with the City




    Angel Fernandez-Chavero
    Acting Interim Executive Director
    203-946-7727 direct


    Commission offices are located at:

    New Haven City Hall
    165 Church St, 6th floor
    New Haven, CT 06511