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    Fire Department


    The New Haven Fire Department is ready to respond to a myriad of emergencies. Whether called upon to respond to a fire, medical emergency, automobile accident, hazardous materials incident or any other emergency New Haven Firefighter are prepared.

    911 Communications Center

    New Haven Fire Department Communications is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to serve the people of New Haven. The Lucent Technologies Palladium computer system receives 911 calls. Other calls may be received via seven digit conventional phones and direct line from alarm companies or other public safety agencies. In 1999 Emergency Telecommunicators answered nearly 100,00 911 calls, 18,000 calls for service via other lines and dispatched almost 30,000 emergencies.

    Dispatch of fire units is completed by use of the Zetron Alert System connected to al stations and Fire Department Facilities.

    The New Haven Fire Department operates radios in the 800 Megahertz range.

    Channel 1 is reserved for dispatch. This frequency is 851.3125 Megahertz.

    Channel 2 is reserved for fire ground communications. This frequency is 851.0125 Megahertz.

    Communications also has the ability to communicate with New Haven Police, Yale Police, State Fire Radio, Inter-City and Public Works.

    Assisting telecommunicators in managing alarms is a Computer Aided Dispatch System, which cross-references available companies in a geographic area. This assures a prompt response.

    New Haven Fire Department Radio Codes and Signals

    4 Fire Department Needs Assistance
    21 Request a Box Alarm
    22 Request a Second Alarm
    23 Request a Third Alarm
    24 Request a Fourth Alarm
    25 Request a Fifth Alarm
    26 Request an Ambulance
    27 Request a Battalion Chief to Respond
    28 Request the Fire Marshal to Respond
    29 Request the Police to Respond
    30 Request the Arson Unit to Respond
    61 Telephone Call
    62 Out of Service
    63 Company On-Duty
    64 Radio Test
    65 Investigating Fire Location
    72 Minor Fire
    73 Working Fire
    74 False Alarm No Fire Found
    75 Non-Fire Situation
    99 Message Understood
    100 Cardiac Arrest

    Communications Picture 1 Communications Picture 2

    New Haven Fire Department Radio Designations and Assignments

    Unit Designation Mobile Radio Officer’s Portable Radio Other Portable Radio
    Chief of Department Car 31    
    Deputy Chief Car 32    
    East Battalion Chief Car 33    
    West Battalion Chief Car 34    
    Director of Training Car 36    
    Fire Marshal Car 37    
    Assistant Chief Administration Car 38    
    Assistant Chief Operations Car 39    
    Squad 1 Support Unit Car 42    
    Foam Unit Car 43    
    Command & Communications Unit Car 45    
    Brush Truck Car 48    
    Supervisor of Motor Apparatus Car 51    
    Repair Shop Vehicle 2 Car 52    
    Hydrant Repair Car 53    
    Supervisor of Building Maintenance Car 54    
    Building Maintenance Car 55    
    Supervisor of Communications Car 80    
    Drillmaster Car 81    
    Assistant Drillmaster Car 82    
    Assistant Drillmaster Car 83    
    Assistant Drillmaster Car 84    
    Arson Unit Captain Car 90    
    Arson Van Car 91    
    Investigator’s Car Car 92    
    EMS Supervisor EMS 5    
    Engine 4 Engine 4 Engine 4 Portable Engine 4 Pump
    Engine 5 Engine 5 Engine 5 Portable Engine 5 Pump
    Engine 6 Engine 6 Engine 6 Portable Engine 6 Pump
    Engine 8 Engine 8 Engine 8 Portable Engine 8 Pump
    Engine 9 Engine 9 Engine 9 Portable Engine 9 Pump
    Engine 10 Engine 10 Engine 10 Portable Engine 10 Pump
    Engine 11 Engine 11 Engine 11 Portable Engine 11 Pump
    Engine 15 Engine 15 Engine 15 Portable Engine 15 Pump
    Engine 16 Engine 16 Engine 16 Portable Engine 16 Pump
    Engine 17 Engine 17 Engine 17 Portable Engine 17 Pump
    Truck 1 Truck 1 Truck 1 Portable Portable 61
    Truck 2 Truck 2 Truck 2 Portable Portable 62
    Truck 3 Truck 3 Truck 3 Portable Portable 63
    Truck 4 Truck 4 Truck 4 Portable Portable 64
    Truck 5 Truck 5 Truck 5 Portable Portable 65
    Squad 1 Squad 1 Squad 1 Portable Squad 1 Pump, Alpha & Bravo
    Squad 2 Squad 2 Squad 2 Portable Squad 2 Pump, Alpha & Bravo
    Emergency 1 Emergency 1 Emergency 1 Portable  
    Emergency 2 Emergency 2 Emergency 2 Portable  

    Watch Booth Picture

    Teaching Children to Use 9-1-1

    Dialing 911 for Kids logo

    Seconds count during an emergency. Everyone needs to use 9-1-1 properly to get quick help during a fire, medical emergency or a crime.

    This is especially true for children. They can, and must be taught how to correctly use the 9-1-1 system to save a life.




    Follow these guidelines to teach children the proper way to use 9-1-1 to report emergencies:


    • Always call from a safe location. If the house is on fire, get out first and then call from a nearby telephone.
    • Teach children their full name and address. And always post your full address near your home phone.
    • Teach children to remain as calm as possible when speaking with the 9-1-1 operator so they can get the provide the correct information to send help.
    • Wait until the 9-1-1 operator tells you it is okay to hang up the telephone. It is common for 9-1-1 operators to keep young callers on the line until help arrives. 9-1-1 operators are also trained to provide life saving directions to callers during medical emergencies.
    • If you call 9-1-1 by mistake, don't hang up. Tell the 9-1-1 operator there is no emergency and you dialed by accident. If you hang up before speaking with the operator, they could send emergency crews to your location needlessly.
    Do not...
    • Do not call 9-1-1 as a joke or prank. You can get into serious trouble. More importantly, you can delay someone else getting the help they need in an emergency.
    • Do not hang up the telephone until the 9-1-1 operator tells you it is okay to do so.

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    Fire Suppression

    The backbone of any Fire Service organization is their ability to fight fires. The New Haven Fire Department is second to none. Hours of training coupled with experience, dedication and love for the job has made New Haven Firefighters a leader in the industry.

    Picture of Firemen Rescuing a Burning Building

    Helping firefighters in their quest to save lives is the Thermal Imager. Modern technology meets the firefighter with this life saving tool allowing the firefighter to see through smoke.

    Thermal Imager

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    Emergency Medical Services

    In order to more effectively serve the public and meet our mission goal of saving lives the fire service has always been on the forefront of pre-hospital care. Approximately eighty percent of calls for service are request for emergency medical assistance. The New Haven Fire Department Emergency Medical Services Division is headed by Lieutenant Abraham Colon.

    Paramedics are equipped with state-of-the-art LifePak 12s.

    LifePak 12s

    All 1st Responder Engine Companies are equipped with LifePak 500.

    LifePak 500

    EMS Picture

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    Fire Marshal

    2005 Annual Report of the Office of The Fire Marshal
    Joseph Cappucci
    Fire Marshal

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    Technical Rescue

    The fire service in general has realized to meet our mission statement of protecting lives, has brought us into the highly specialized areas of rescue work such has high-angle rope rescue, confined space rescue and complex vehicle extrication. These areas require training above that of the average firefighter.

    Picture of firefighters training for specialized rescue in confined spaces.

    Firefighters train for specialized rescue in confined spaces. This is an extremely hazardous task often times entering environments with hazardous atmospheres. Rescues of this nature require tenacious firefighters to undergo hazardous condition to effect victim rescue.

    Picture of firefighters training for high and low angle rescue.

    High angle and low angle rescue is something New Haven Firefighters must train regularly for. The topography of New Haven requires it. The use of ropes and the knowledge of knots is paramount in the fire rescue service.

    Learn How To Tie A Fire Service Knot:

    Clove Hitch: Used as a utility knot for securing tools or equipment.

    Clove Hitch

    Butterfly Knot: Used for a hand or foot hold while climbing. 

    Butterfly Knot

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    Hazardous Materials Response

    The changing world has sparked a renewed interest in Hazardous Materials preparedness. As a result of the September 11, attacks and the fear of bio-terrorism and weapons of mass destruction, the New Haven Fire Department was forced to evaluate it's state of readiness. This lead to the formation of a Special Operations Division who would be responsible for the development and training of sixty Hazardous Materials Technicians as well as outfitting a a response unit for these operations. In record time, "think-tank" of firefighters brought the the current state of readiness to a higher level.

    Picture of New Haven firefighters training with state of the art equipment on how to control Hazardous Material leaks.
    Here New Haven Firefighters can be seen training with state-of-the-art equipment on how to control leaks of Hazardous Materials.

    Members of Squad 2 and Engine 9 Participate in a Level "A" Haz-Mat Excercise during a visit by Senator Joe Lieberman to The New Haven Fire Academy. (Left to Right FF Tortora, FF Fitzgerald, Lt. Brian Jooss, FF Farrell)
    Members of Squad 2 and Engine 9 Participate in a Level "A" Haz-Mat Excercise During a visit by Senator Joe Lieberman to The New Haven Fire Academy. Seen Left to Right FF Tortora, FF Fitzgerald, Lt. Brian Jooss, FF Farrell.

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