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    (New Haven, CT) In 2012, there were over 5,800 false alarms triggered by home or business alarm systems in the City of New Haven. Responding to these false alarms costs the City of New Haven over $500,000 –which is roughly equivalent to the salaries of eight full-time police officers. Because false alarms cost the City of New Haven thousands of dollars and divert police resources from true emergencies, the City is stepping up its enforcement of its existing alarm ordinance and will be, beginning on June 1, utilizing the services of the Public Safety Corporation to implement a false alarm reduction initiative.

    “By utilizing the services of Public Safety Corporation, the City’s goal is to reduce false alarms by 75%; this will result in a significant savings to the City and free up police officers to deal with true emergencies,” said New Haven Mayor John DeStefano, Jr.

    Public Safety Corporation will administer the registration of alarm systems; directly notify alarm users if a false alarm is activated; administer fines for repeated false alarms and administer appeals requests.

    Residents and businesses that have already registered their alarms with the City do not need to do so again. However, residents and businesses that have not registered their alarms can do so by calling (866)-889-2364 or online here Failure to register an alarm will result in a $99 fine.

    In the event of a false alarm, the Public Safety Corporation will be directly notifying alarm users that a false alarm was activated and will be following up with information about fines. There is no fine for the first false alarm, but subsequent false alarms will be subject to the following fine schedule, per City ordinance: $75 for the second false alarm, $150 for the third false alarm and $250 per incident for the fourth (and any above and beyond four) false alarm.

    There is an appeals process which can be used if a resident or business owner feels that they have been fined in error or if there were unusual circumstances, such as a power outage or storm, which caused the false alarm.

    Appeal hearings can be requested through Public Safety Corporation and the City will assign your case to a hearing officer for review and assessment as to whether the fine should be waived. In order to request an appeal, contact Public Safety Corporation at (866)-889-2364 or log onto their website here .

    Public Safety Corporation also offers and online class for registered alarm users here . Individuals who successfully complete this class will earn a credit that can be used to pay for one false alarm fine.

    The City’s Alarm Ordinance can be found here


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