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    (8/26/2011) (New Haven) – With Hurricane Irene expected to bring heavy rains and high winds to the city beginning Saturday, Mayor John DeStefano, Jr. has order the opening the of two evacuation shelters. Benjamin Jepson School (15 Lexington Avenue) will open as a shelter at 12:00 pm Saturday. The James Hillhouse High School Field House (480 Sherman Parkway) will open as a shelter at 6:00 pm Saturday.

    Governor Malloy has issued an advisory, urging residents in areas prone to flooding to evacuate before 12:00 am Sunday morning. The hurricane is expected to hit New Haven at a time of high tide. Evacuating residents should consider seeking shelter with friends or family in non-flood-prone areas as a first option before heading to city shelters. Evacuating residents should take their pets. Crated pets will be allowed in city shelters.

    The City of New Haven will partially open the Emergency Operations Center beginning at 4:00 pm today through 12:00 am and reopening at 10:00 am Saturday through the duration of the storm. Residents should call 203-946-8221 with any questions. Residents should call 911 for all emergencies.

    Parking: New Have Parking Authority surface lots are free and open all weekend. Crown Street and Temple Street Garages will be made available at a reduced rate for residents seeking to park their cars for the duration of the storm. Board of Education parking lots will be open and available for resident parking.

    Street Access: Residents should stay of city streets beginning 12:00 am Sunday morning. Beginning at 6:00 pm Saturday, the following streets are considered flood prone and will be closed to vehicular traffic by the Department of Public Works:

    • Union Avenue from Water Street to Church Street South

    • Middletown Ave North of Front Street to Dump Road

    • Dean St. at Burr St.

    • Concord St. at Burr.

    • Townsend Ave. at Burr St.

    • Dodge Ave. at Burr St.

    • Hemingway Place from Eastern St. to First St

    • Quinnipiac Ave. from Essex St. to Hemmingway Place

    • Brewery Street

    • Water Street at Olive Street

    • On ramp to Merritt Parkway at Pond Lily Ave.

    Refuse Collection: Monday trash and recycling pickup has been canceled. Residents SHOULD NOT place trash and recycling at the curb on Sunday night. Citywide refuse collection will resume Tuesday on a holiday schedule (one day delay in pickup citywide). Residents should secure their trash and recycle bins prior to the storm.

    Emergency Notifications: The city may provide members of the city's business or residential community important emergency updates. Residents and businesses may add their name to receive these notifications by visiting: www.cityofnewhaven.com and clicking on the hurricane preparedness link.

    Homeless Population: City working with advocates and homeless shelters, providers, and advocates. No homeless individuals will be turned away from homeless shelters.

    Some of the steps the city is taking to prepare for the storm are:

    • Senior center staff will review with seniors the importance of a personal emergency plan and kit, and a pet plan/kit.

    • All senior housing complexes have received the City's hurricane brochure.

    • Clearing high priority catch basins.

    • Blocking off streets that have experience flooding in previous storms.

    • Tree crews are on alert.

    • Police and Fire Departments will have extra personnel on duty.

    • The City is coordinating with the various utilities.

    • The Building Department has ordered all construction sites secured.

    • Coordinating with the Red Cross to open emergency shelters.

    • Coordinating with state and federal response agencies.

    • Canceled Monday refuse collection.

    Residents are encouraged to take the following steps:

    Before the Storm

    • Make an evacuation plan.

    • Replace batteries in portable radios and flashlights.

    • Ensure you have enough water and non-perishable food on hand.

    • Make sure roof drains, gutters and down spouts are clean of any debris.

    • If you leave, notify relatives and friends of your destination.

    Hurricane Evacuation Kit

    • Flashlight

    • Battery-Operated Radio

    • Extra Batteries

    • First Aid Kit

    • Blankets or Sleeping Bags

    • Water and non-perishable food

    • Extra Clothing

    • Prescription Medications & Glasses

    • Unique family needs, infant supplies

    • Hygiene supplies (toothpaste, soap, razor, etc.)

    • Important documents, including: I.D., Insurance Policies, Drivers License, birth certificate

    During the Storm

    • Check media outlets for official news of the storm’s progress.

    • Stay inside your home. DO NOT leave unless told to by emergency officials.

    • Turn off all propane tanks and utilities as instructed.

    • Unplug small appliances.

    • Stay away from windows and doors.

    • Turn refrigerator to coldest setting and keep closed.

    • Fill a bathtub, sink or large containers with water for sanitary purposes.

    • Residents should check their basements for possible flooding

    • Do not use candles


    After the Storm

    • Check media outlets for official news of the storm passing and road conditions.

    • Wait until an area is declared safe before entering and Avoid Disaster Area’s.

    • Stay away from moving water and watch for downed wires.


    Contact Name: Adam Joseph

    Contact Email: AJoseph@newhavenct.net

    Contact Phone: 203-946-8200

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