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    Office Of The Mayor

    Transition Documents

    I. Letter of Transmittal

    Agency Summaries

    II. Mayor's Office
    a. Mayor's Office

    III. Chief Administrative Office
    Coordinator Memo
    attachment 1
    attachment 2
    attachment 3
    attachment 4
    attachment 5
    attachment 6
    bridge report
    Chief Administrative Office

        1. Human Resources and Benefits
        2. Emergency Management

    b. Police Department
    c. Fire Department
    d. Public Safety Communication
    e. Public Works
    f. Parks, Recreation and Trees
    g. Free Public Library
    Free Public Library, Attachment
    h. Engineering
    Engineering, Attachment

    IV. Budget and Finance
    a. Finance Department

        1. Management and Budget
        2. Tax Collector's Office
        3. Workers' Comp
        4. Labor Relations

    b. Assessor's Office

    V. Economic Development Administration
    Coordinator Memo
    a. Economic Development Department

        1. Cultural Affairs

    b. Transportation, Traffic and Parking
    c. City Plan
    d. Building Inspection and Enforcement
    e. Livable City Initiative
    f. Commission on Equal Opportunities

    VI. Community Services Administration
    Coordinator Memo
    Community Services

    1. Prison Re-entry Initiative

    b. Health Department
    c. Elderly Services
    d. Youth Department

    VII. Corporation Counsel
    a. Corporation Counsel
    b. Fair Rent Commission
    c. Services to Persons with Disabilities
    Service to Persons with Disabilities, Attachment

    VIII. Housing Authority

    IX. Parking Authority

    X. Tweed Airport

    XI. Board of Education



    1. FY13-14 Budget as adopted
    2. Consolidated Annual Action Plan, 2013-14
    3. Five Year Consolidated Plan for Housing and Community Development Programs: 2010-2014
    4. Consolidated Annual Performance & Evaluation Report
    5. All Collective Bargaining Contracts
    6. Emergency Management Plan
    7. Finance Attachments
      1. FY14-15 Budget Preparation Memo, with FY13-14 Budget Preparation Packet
      2. Latest FY13-14 Monthly Report: October
      3. Financial Review and Audit Commission October and September Reports
      4. 2012 Annual Audit
      5. Official Statement
      6. Current Rating Agency Reports
      7. Pension Fund Valuations
      8. Tax Collector's Report
      9. Grand List
      10. Ability to Pay Labor Contract Presentation
    8. Corporation Counsel Attachment Binder


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