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    Department of Public Works

    Public Works News


    Department of Public Works announced Spring/Summer 2016 paving projects will begin on during the week of May 23 and continue through July. Streets to be paved are based upon current road conditions, traffic usage, available funding, citywide needs and other projects impacting the street. Paving projects include; milling and paving and shim paving. Below is the list for Shim Paving which begins first followed by Mill and Paving projects in June - July.

    Though paving can cause inconveniences to the public, Public Works tries to keep them at a minimum and remains confident that the end results will be worth it.

    Please note that Bulk Appointments will be suspended while paving is on-going. Give DPW Residents Unit a call at (203) 946 -7700 before coming to the office to schedule a Bulk Appointment

    Shim Paving Projects




    Lamberton Street Ella Grasso Blvd Kimberly Avenue
    Albert Street State Street Welton Street
    Lenox Street Quinnipiace Avenue North 350'
    Hopkins Drive Upson Terrace Dead End
    Florence Avenue Townsend Avenue Concord Street
    Parker Place Concord Street Burr Street
    South Genesse Street East Ramsdell Street Harper Avenue
    Alfred Street Concord Street Burr Street
    English Drive Various Locations  
    Level Street Spot Locations  


    Mill and Paving Projects




    Bradley Street Whitney Avenue Orange Street
    Lincoln Street Trumbull Street Pearl Street
    Artizan Street Court Street Grand Avenue
    Clinton Avenue Middletown Avenue Grafton Street
    Cranston Street Middletown Avenue Quinnipiac Avenue
    East Grand Avenue Sherland Avenue Quinnipiac Avenue
    Lloyd Street Chapel Street Clay Street
    Chester Street Burwell Street Peat Meadow Road
    Tolli Terrace Hyde Steet Cul-De-Sac
    Huntington Street Whitney Avenue Prospect Street
    Read Street Newhall Street Goodyear Street
    Cave Street Winschester Avenue Newhall Street
    Winthrop Avenue Whalley Avenue Chapel Street
    Central Avenue West Elm Street Fountain Street
    Alden Avenue Chapel Street Fountain Street
    East Ramsdell Street Whalley Avenue Valley Street
    Farnham Avenue Wintergreen Avenue Blake Street

    LEAVES: DPW will collect brown paper leaf bags left out at the curb on your usually scheduled trash and recycling day. The bags must be paper not plastic and must ONLY contain leaves-no sticks, rocks or other materials that can't be easily composted. Bags will be picked up and delivered to the Transfer Station where they will be composted. Residents will incur fines for blowing, raking or placing leaves into the streets and blocking Street Sweeping operations.

    COMPOST BINS: Residents can also compost at home by picking up a free compost bin with instructions at DPW, 34 Middletown Avenue.

    BRANCHES: Branches and sticks will also be picked up at the curb ONLY if they are tied into bundles less than 4 feet in length and 1 foot in diameter. All other yard waste can be disposed of at the Transfer Station with free coupons from DPW. Follow this link for further information-http://www.cityofnewhaven.com/PublicWorks/Trash/ResidentialWaste.asp

    If you have any questions, please call the Department of Public Works at 946-7700.

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