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    Sealed Bids

    Eastrock Summit(purchases greater than $10,000)

    Bids are publicly solicited and a firm- fixed-price contract (lump sum or unit price) is awarded to the responsible lowest bidder whose bid, conforms to all the material terms and conditions of the invitation for bids.

    (1) In order for sealed bidding to be feasible, the following conditions should be present:

    a. A complete quote and realistic specification or purchase description is available;

    b. Two or more responsible bidders are willing and able to compete effectively for the business;

    c. The procurement lends itself to a firm fixed price contract and the selection of the successful bidder can be made principally on the basis of price.

    d. No discussion with bidders is needed or allowed regarding their submittal.

    (2) If this procurement method is used, the following requirements apply:

    a. The invitation for bids will be publicly advertised and bids shall be solicited from an adequate number of known suppliers, providing them a minimum of 10 days to prepare bids prior to the date set for opening the bids;

    b. The invitation for bids, which will include any specifications and pertinent attachments, shall define the items or services sought in order for the bidder to properly respond;

    c. All bids will be publicly opened at the time and place prescribed in the invitation for bids;

    d. All City forms associated with bid must be completed and submitted with bid on due date.

    e. The Bid Tab Sheet, is completed by the Bureau of Purchases after the bids are received and opened and is forwarded to the requisitioning department for review and award recommendation. The tab sheet is also posted on the Bureaus website for ease of download by all.

    f. A firm fixed-price contract award will be made in writing to the lowest responsive bidder.

    g. All questions must be submitted in writing prior to the opening date. All answers will be in the form of addendum posted to the website.

    (3) The Purchasing Agent may reject any or all bids.

    (4) The City of New Haven reserves the right to award work to a bidder other than the one which submitted the lowest price if it deems such action to be in the best interest of the City of New Haven. In such an event, all unsuccessful bidders relinquish their right, in any to challenge the award.

    (5) The sealed bid method is the preferred method for procuring construction if the conditions in paragraph (1) above apply.

    (6) Bid Withdrawal- Bids may be withdrawn by written request prior to bid opening or 60 days after the bid opening if no award has been made.

    Image: Eastrock Summit
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